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Foxes, with their fluffy tails and pointy ears, are like the playful jesters of the woods. They love to leap and bound through the forest, making their homes in cozy dens.

Tiny Paws and Big Ears Our fox friend has soft, orange fur and a big, bushy tail that she wags when she’s happy. Foxes are like little magicians of the forest, sometimes sneaky, but always curious.

A Cozy Den Foxes live in a home called a den, often a snug hole under the ground. It’s where they snuggle up for naps and where mama fox cares for her tiny fox babies, or ‘kits’.

Smart and Quick Foxes are smart cookies; they know how to find the yummiest berries and the best hiding spots. They play tag with the butterflies and race the rabbits.

Helpful Pals in the Forest Foxes help the forest by munching on bugs and berries, keeping everything just right. They remind us to take care of the woods they call home.

Color With Fox Let’s grab our crayons! Can you color the fox’s fur orange and her nose a little black? Let’s make the forest around her green and full of life, just like her!

Furry Friends: The Fox

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