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Meet the Otter: A River Resident

Have you ever seen a playful creature that loves water as much as you do on a hot summer day? Let’s meet the otter, a special animal that spends a lot of its life in rivers!

A Home in the Water

Otters are found near rivers, lakes, and coasts. They make their homes, called dens, near the water’s edge. These dens have entrances underwater so they can slip in and out without anyone noticing!

What’s for Dinner?

Fish is a favorite meal for most otters, but they also enjoy snacking on crustaceans, which are like tiny water creatures wearing hard shells. They have strong teeth to crunch through these shells!

A Day in the Life

Otters have a fun life. They spend their days exploring, playing, and sliding down muddy or snowy riverbanks. Sliding is not just fun; it’s also a quick way to get from one place to another.

Clever Creatures

Did you know that otters are very smart? They use stones to open shells, which is like using tools! Not many animals know how to do that.

Stay Cozy

Otters have thick fur to keep them warm. They have two layers: one is for warmth, and the other is to keep water away from their skin. This is how they can swim in cold water and still feel cozy.

Join the River Story

Now that you know about these fascinating creatures, wouldn’t it be exciting to imagine their adventures in the rivers? You can join their story by downloading your very own otter coloring page. Picture their playful splashes and color your otter any way you like!

Fascinating Otter Facts: River Friends

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