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The American bison is a big and friendly giant of the animal world. Imagine a huge, furry animal that’s related to cows and goats, with two pointy horns and a big hump on its back. These creatures used to roam all over North America in large numbers, munching on grass and playing tag with each other.

Did you know that baby bison are called ‘red dogs’ because they have a reddish coat when they are little? As they grow up, they can become as heavy as a small car and can run faster than a car in a city! They also love to live together with their bison friends and have big families.

Even though they are very big, bison can jump very high – almost as high as you can reach with your hands raised up! And they can live for a long time, up to 30 birthdays, which is a lot for animals in the wild.

Bison are not just interesting animals; they are also very important to many Native American tribes and are a symbol of strength and freedom in the United States. Isn’t it amazing to learn about these great creatures?

Bison Buddies: The Great Plains’ Gentle Giants

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