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Understanding Victory Day

Victory Day, celebrated on May 9, commemorates the end of a significant global conflict and the victory over tyranny. It is a day to honor peace and the brave individuals who fought for freedom.

Symbols of Victory

When you print your Victory Day coloring page, you will encounter various symbols that represent courage and sacrifice:

  • The Ribbon of Saint George: Color in the black and orange stripes of this ribbon, a symbol of the valor and resilience of those who fought. Each stripe represents a part of the story of bravery and sacrifice.
  • The Victory Banner: This banner, raised to signify the end of conflict, is another significant symbol to color. It symbolizes the overcoming of adversaries and the restoration of peace.

Parades of Pride and Remembrance

Victory Day is known for its grand parades. Your coloring page might include scenes of these parades, featuring marching soldiers, military tanks, and aircraft flyovers. These parades are vibrant displays of national pride and military strength, commemorating the unity and resolve of the people.

Eternal Flame and Floral Tributes

You may also find the Eternal Flame on your coloring page, a symbol that burns continuously at memorials as a tribute to those who gave their lives. People often lay flowers like red carnations here, which you can color in bright reds to symbolize love and respect for the fallen.

Museums: Doors to History

Some coloring pages may feature displays from museums dedicated to the history of this global conflict. These parts of the page can include items like medals, uniforms, and personal effects of soldiers. Coloring these artifacts provides a glimpse into the personal stories and sacrifices made during the war.


The Victory Day coloring page to print offers more than just a fun activity—it’s a way to engage with history and remember the sacrifices made for peace. As you color, you help keep the memory of these heroes alive. So, grab your crayons, print your Victory Day coloring page, and contribute your personal touch to these historical symbols and heroes.

Victory Day Coloring Page to Print: Heroes and Symbols

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