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What is Victory Day?

Victory Day, celebrated on May 9, marks the end of World War II in Europe, when allied forces triumphed over tyranny. This day is a tribute to peace and the brave individuals who fought for freedom.

Symbols of Valor and Peace

As you pick up your coloring page, you’ll notice several important symbols. Each of these symbols has a story to tell:

  • The Ribbon of Saint George: You will see this black and orange ribbon, a symbol of military valor. People wear it to remember the bravery of those who fought.
  • The Victory Banner: Another powerful image you might color is the Victory Banner, first raised over the Reichstag in Berlin. It signifies the defeat of Nazi forces and the end of the war in Europe.

Parades and Celebrations

On Victory Day, many countries hold grand parades. You can color images of these parades with soldiers marching, tanks rolling, and planes flying overhead. These parades show the unity and strength of nations remembering their history.

Eternal Flame and Flowers

In your coloring page, you might find the Eternal Flame, which burns continuously in many war memorials. This flame is a symbol of eternal memory for those who lost their lives. People often lay flowers like red carnations at these memorials, a gesture you can add color to on your page.

Museums: A Gateway to the Past

Many museums dedicate exhibits to the events of World War II. These exhibits display uniforms, medals, photographs, and personal letters. Through your coloring page, you can explore these artifacts, adding colors to bring them to life.


Coloring the Victory Day page is not just about filling in spaces with colors but connecting with the history that shaped our world. As you color, remember the stories of those who fought for the peace we enjoy today. Download the Victory Day coloring page for children now, and add your colors to the memories of our heroes.

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Explore the history of Victory Day with our coloring page. Learn about this significant day's heroes and symbols.
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Victory Day Coloring Page for Children: Heroes and History

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