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A Day of Remembrance and Celebration

Victory Day on May 9 is a special day where people remember and celebrate the end of World War II in Europe. This day marks the victory over fascism, and it is a time for honoring the brave people who fought for freedom.

Symbols of Victory

One of the most recognizable symbols of Victory Day is the Ribbon of Saint George. It’s a black and orange striped ribbon that represents courage and the sacrifices of the military during the war. People wear these ribbons proudly on their clothes or tie them to car antennas during the celebrations.

Another significant symbol is the red carnation, which people often lay at war memorials. These flowers symbolize respect and memory for those who lost their lives. It’s common to see families gathering at these memorials, sharing stories of their ancestors.

The Eternal Flame

In many cities, there is a flame that never goes out called the Eternal Flame. It burns day and night as a tribute to the soldiers who never returned home. The flame reminds everyone of the continuous impact of their sacrifice.

The Great Patriotic War Museum

For those who want to learn more, the Great Patriotic War Museum offers many insights. It has numerous exhibits about the battles, soldiers, and weapons used during the war. Visiting such museums helps people visualize and understand the scale and importance of what occurred.

Parades and Music

Victory Day is also known for its grand military parades. Soldiers march in their uniforms, tanks roll down the streets, and military bands play patriotic songs. This display of strength and unity brings people together, showing respect to the country’s past and its heroes.


Understanding the importance of May 9, Victory Day, helps us appreciate the peace and freedom we enjoy today. By learning about this day, we connect with history and remember the great sacrifices made. You can join in this story too by downloading the Victory Day coloring page. Color the symbols and scenes of Victory Day, and keep the memory of these heroes alive.

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