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Donuts are one of the most beloved treats around the world, but where did they come from? Let’s dive into the fascinating history of donuts and learn how they became a global favorite.

Ancient Origins

The history of donuts can be traced back to ancient times. Early forms of fried dough have been found in many cultures. The ancient Greeks and Romans made fried cakes called “scriblita,” which were similar to modern donuts. These early versions were often coated with honey or sprinkled with sugar.

Dutch Influence

The modern donut’s history begins in the 19th century with Dutch settlers in America. They made “olykoeks,” or oily cakes, which were balls of sweet dough fried in pork fat. These treats didn’t always cook evenly, often resulting in raw centers. To solve this, they started adding nuts or fruits to the center, which eventually led to the creation of the donut hole.

The Donut Hole

The invention of the donut hole is attributed to Hanson Gregory, an American ship captain, in 1847. He claimed to have punched holes in the center of the dough to ensure even frying. This innovation not only solved the problem of raw centers but also gave donuts their iconic shape.

World War I and II

Donuts gained even more popularity during World War I. The Salvation Army sent women volunteers, known as “Doughnut Lassies,” to the front lines to provide soldiers with a taste of home. These women fried donuts in helmets and served them to the troops, boosting morale.

During World War II, the Red Cross continued this tradition, serving donuts to soldiers overseas. This contributed to the treat’s enduring popularity in the United States.

Modern Era

Today, donuts are enjoyed in various forms around the world. They come in countless flavors and shapes, from classic glazed rings to filled and frosted creations. Donut shops and chains have sprung up globally, making it easier than ever to indulge in this delightful treat.

The history of donuts is a journey through time and cultures, showing how this simple fried dough has evolved into the beloved snack we enjoy today. Download our donut coloring page and continue this delicious adventure!

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The History of Donuts Coloring

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