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Honoring Our Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual celebration recognizing the dedication and impact of educators around the country. This special week is an opportunity for students, parents, and communities to show gratitude to those who play a pivotal role in education.

History and Significance

The tradition of celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week began in 1953, when Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress to set aside a day to acknowledge teachers. It has since grown to a full week, usually the first week of May, with Teacher Appreciation Day on the Tuesday of that week.

Ways to Celebrate

Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week, schools and communities engage in various activities:

  • Special Assemblies: Schools may host assemblies to honor and recognize teachers’ efforts.
  • Thank You Notes: Students and parents can write notes expressing their appreciation for teachers’ hard work.
  • Community Recognition: Local businesses and organizations might offer discounts or special deals to teachers as a token of appreciation.

The Role of Schools and Students

Schools play a central role in orchestrating events that allow students to express their gratitude. From creating thank-you banners to performing appreciation songs, the possibilities are endless for making teachers feel valued.

Personal Gestures Make a Difference

Personal gestures, such as preparing a small gift or sharing a memorable story about how a teacher has influenced a student’s life, can be incredibly meaningful. These acts of kindness demonstrate the personal connections and impact that teachers have on their students.

Teacher Appreciation Week Coloring Page

As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, one fun and simple way for younger students to express their thanks is by coloring a special “Teacher Appreciation Week Coloring Page.” This activity not only offers a creative outlet but also provides teachers with a memorable keepsake from their students.


Teacher Appreciation Week is a vital time to acknowledge the significant role teachers have in shaping future generations. By engaging in activities, creating personal gifts, and perhaps concluding with a thoughtful coloring page, we can show our teachers just how much they are valued and appreciated.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Coloring Page: Artful Thanks

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