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As the first sunbeam tickled the nose of a pony named Glitter Mane, she let out a gentle snort and flipped her multicolored mane in the air. Today was not just any day; it was the day she decided to add extra glitter to her morning routine!

With a stretch and a yawn, Glitter Mane trotted over to her vanity, where pots of sparkly blush and tubes of shiny lip balm awaited. “First things first,” she said to her reflection, “a dash of twinkle for my cheeks so I can shine bright like the morning star!”

She puffed her cheeks and applied the blush, sending a cloud of glitter swirling around the room like a mini galaxy. “Oops! Too much,” she chuckled, looking like a pony who had just trotted through a rainbow storm.

Next came the mane-taming task. Her mane, a cascade of rainbow waves, was her pride and joy. She brushed it with a comb made from sunbeams and good intentions, singing a tune that made the birds outside join in a chirpy chorus. Each stroke brought more bounce and brilliance to her already dazzling hair.

“Now, for the perfect outfit,” Glitter Mane mused, pondering her array of sparkly dresses and shimmering shoes. After several hilarious attempts that involved stepping into two shoes at once and slipping on a skirt that twirled like a spinning top, she finally chose a sunny yellow dress that shone like her cheery disposition.

Just as she was about to step out, she noticed her bed, untouched and not as bouncy as she felt. With a giggle, she bounced onto the mattress, springing up and down until the bedspread was a fluffy cloud, and the pillows were soft dollops of cream.

For all the little ones who adore sparkle and joy, hop into the day with Glitter Mane’s delightful morning escapades. Download the Pony’s Morning Routine coloring page, grab your most brilliant colors, and let’s paint a start to the day that’s as bright and cheerful as Glitter Mane’s!

Pony’s Morning Routine: Sparkles Before Breakfast

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