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In the backyard of a house where the sun smiled down like a bright golden coin, there lived a spirited pony named Hoofbeard. Unlike other ponies, Hoofbeard had an adventurous heart and a fondness for treasure maps. One sunny morning, she decided it was high time to play pirates.

With a black patch over one eye and a headscarf adorned with the fearsome skull and crossbones, Hoofbeard set sail upon her mighty ship—a floating raft made of old logs and her unyielding imagination. The “sea” was no more than a series of puddles left by a recent rainstorm, but to Hoofbeard, it was the vast and mysterious ocean.

“Aye, mateys!” she neighed with gusto, to an audience of squirrels and robins, “We be off to find the treasure, the lost hay of Barnacle Barn!”

Hoofbeard’s trusty sword, a twig she had found by the maple tree, pointed boldly towards the horizon (or the fence at the end of the garden). As she embarked on her journey, she encountered fierce sea creatures like Mr. Frog, the croaky beast of the lilypad, and battled the swirling winds of the nefarious Fan-Gale.

She even found herself marooned on a deserted isle (the sandbox), where she unearthed a treasure chest filled with golden corn cobs and shiny apple slices. “Arrr, what a bountiful loot!” she cheered, her eyes sparkling brighter than the treasures before her.

As the shadows grew long and the sun began to dip below the edge of the world (or the neighbor’s rooftop), Hoofbeard knew it was time to return to her stable for a well-earned rest.

All ye lads and lasses with dreams of adventure and fun, come aboard with Hoofbeard the Pirate Pony! Download your very own Pirate Pony Adventures coloring page, grab your colors, and bring to life the thrilling quest of the most daring pony on the seven puddles!

Pirate Pony Adventures: Sailing the Seven Puddles

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