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Building a Snowy Friend Winter is the perfect time for creating a snowman. It’s like having a blank canvas, but instead of paint, you use snow! To build a snowman, you start with a small snowball and roll it on the ground. With each roll, it picks up more snow and gets larger. Three big snowballs stacked together, and you’ve got a snowman’s body!

A Hat and a Carrot Nose What does a snowman wear? Well, it’s up to the creator! A traditional snowman often has a carrot for a nose, coal for eyes and buttons, and sticks for arms. Don’t forget to dress him up with a warm scarf and a hat, even though he doesn’t really get cold!

Snowmen Around the World Did you know that people all over the globe build snowmen? They have been made for centuries, and in some places, there are even competitions to see who can create the most elaborate one. In Sapporo, Japan, there’s a festival where they make incredible sculptures of snow and ice, some as tall as buildings!

Snowmen in Science Making a snowman is not just fun, it’s educational! While you’re rolling and stacking, you’re learning about physics without even realizing it. You learn how snow sticks together and what makes it melt. Scientists say that the best snow for building a snowman is not too cold because it needs to be a little bit melty so it sticks.

Let’s Build a Snowman Now that you’ve heard all about snowmen and how special they are, why not go out and make one yourself? All you need is some snow, a few buttons, a carrot, and your imagination. And once you’re done playing outside, come back inside to warm up and color a picture of your snowy friend. Download our snowman coloring page and remember the fun you had today!

Snowman Stories in Winter

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