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In the heart of Fantasia Park, a curious challenge was set. A lively unicorn named Luna and two little turtles, Tito and Tina, had a race unlike any other! Luna, with her majestic mane flowing, loved speed, but today, she was wearing roller skates, which she had never tried before. Tito and Tina, usually slow and steady, had an ingenious idea; they wore skateboards under their tiny legs!

Luna was confident, maybe too confident. “I’ll win in a flash!” she thought. Tito and Tina, always the underdogs, whispered to each other, “Let’s give her a surprise.”

The race began, and Luna shot ahead. But roller skates on hooves? Not the easiest! She wobbled and wiggled, her horn nearly touching the ground. Meanwhile, Tito and Tina, coordinated and calm, skated smoothly. They might be slow, but with skateboards, they were steady.

As Luna approached the finish line, she realized she had taken off without her ice cream cone! She skidded to a stop and looked back to see Tito and Tina sharing the treat. It wasn’t about winning; it was about enjoying the ride and the ice cream!

Join Luna, Tito, and Tina in this whimsical race and enjoy coloring their adventurous day!

Whimsical Race of Surprises!

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