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What Is a Volcano?

Have you ever seen a mountain that spews out ash and lava? That’s called a volcano, and it’s not just any mountain – it’s a geology superstar!

Inside a Volcano

Beneath the earth’s surface, there’s a hot, melty rock called magma. When it’s underground, we call it magma, but once it comes out, we name it lava. Imagine a bottle of soda that’s been shaken up. The magma is like the soda that wants to escape, and when it does, it bursts out through the volcano.

The Eruption

Volcanoes can erupt in different ways. Some explode like a popped balloon, while others ooze lava like honey from a jar. The eruptions can form new islands or reshape landscapes. Isn’t it amazing that the ground beneath our feet can change so dramatically?

After the Eruption

When a volcano erupts, it can create new soil that’s very good for growing plants. Over time, the area around a volcano can become a place with lots of trees and flowers. The lava that cools down turns into rock and makes new land that we can walk on someday.

Volcanoes Around the World

There are about 1,500 active volcanoes on Earth, and some are under the ocean! The biggest volcano is Mauna Loa in Hawaii, which is about 4,169 meters (13,678 feet) above sea level.

Join the exploration and imagine standing at the edge of a volcano, feeling the ground’s warmth, and watching as the earth tells its story. And what’s more fun than learning? Coloring it! Download your volcano coloring page and bring your own volcano to life with colors.

Volcano Facts: A Journey to the Center of the Earth

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