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Earth Day is a special day when people all around the world take a moment to appreciate our wonderful planet. It’s like a birthday party for Earth, where we learn about its environments and how to care for them.

Our Home, Our Earth

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only place we know that has life. It’s about 4.5 billion years old and has a big family in space, including the Sun, the Moon, and other planets.

The Blue and Green Marvel

Looking at Earth from space, it appears as a bright blue and green sphere due to its vast oceans and land covered with plants. The oceans cover about 71% of Earth’s surface—that’s like having more than half of your room covered in water!

The Air We Breathe

The air around our planet is called the atmosphere. It has important gases like oxygen, which living things need to breathe. It’s like a big blanket that keeps us warm and safe from the Sun’s rays.

The Many Layers of Earth

Our planet is made up of different layers. The ground we walk on is just the top layer, called the crust. Below it is the mantle, then the outer core, and right in the center is the inner core, which is super hot.

A World of Living Things

Earth is home to millions of species of plants and animals that live on land and in water. Each one plays a role in the health of the planet, just like each person in a family helps out at home.

Taking Care of Our Planet

On Earth Day, we remember to take care of our planet by recycling, planting trees, and saving water. Every little bit helps, like turning off the lights when you leave a room.

Earth Day Every Day

Every day can be Earth Day when we make good choices to help our planet. By learning about Earth, we can make sure it’s a great place to live for every person and animal.

As we celebrate Earth Day, why not join in the celebration with a fun activity? You can download our Free Earth Day Coloring Pages and bring to life the beauty of Earth with your favorite colors. Enjoy coloring the oceans blue, the forests green, and remember, every day is a chance to help our planet shine!

Free Earth Day Coloring Pages: Celebrating Our Planet

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