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Every year, children around the world celebrate the end of the school year with joy and excitement. Let’s explore how this special occasion is marked in different parts of our planet!


In Japan, the school year ends in March. After a formal ceremony where students receive their diplomas, many schools hold events called “sakura-me” – picnics under the blooming cherry blossoms. Families gather in parks, enjoy delicious food, and admire the beautiful pink cherry flowers.


In Brazil, the school year ends in December. This time also marks the beginning of summer vacation. Schools host lively carnivals with music, dancing, and colorful costumes. Students dress up in bright outfits and participate in parades. It’s a fun and noisy celebration that resembles the famous Brazilian Carnival.


In Finland, the school year ends in June. Students celebrate this occasion with songs and dances. They dress in traditional costumes and take part in folk dances. At the end of the day, they go on picnics with their families and friends, enjoying nature and tasty food.


In the United States, the school year typically ends in May or June. On this day, graduation ceremonies are held, where students wear academic gowns and receive diplomas. After the ceremony, parties are often organized, where children can have fun with friends and family.


In Australia, the school year ends in December, when summer begins. Students hold “school leavers’ nights,” where they can say goodbye to classmates and teachers. Sports competitions and beach picnics are often held. It’s a time of joy and fun under the bright Australian sun.

The end of the school year is always a special time, full of happiness and the anticipation of new adventures. Join these exciting traditions, and draw your favorite moments with our end of the year coloring sheets!

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End of the Year Coloring Sheets and Traditions Around the World

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