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Big Ben: The Heartbeat of London

What’s in a Name? In the heart of London stands a grand clock tower known as Big Ben. But here’s a fun fact: Big Ben is actually the nickname of the largest bell inside the tower, not the clock or the tower itself! The tower is officially called the Elizabeth Tower, named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

How Big is Big Ben? Big Ben is impressively large. Each of the clock’s dials measures about 7 meters (23 feet) in diameter, roughly the height of a two-story house! And the bell, the real Big Ben, weighs about 13,760 kilograms (30,300 pounds), which is as heavy as three large elephants!

A Clock with a History This magnificent clock began ticking on May 31, 1859. It has been a part of London’s life for over 160 years, witnessing many historical events. Big Ben has chimed through peaceful times and challenging ones, becoming a symbol of resilience and continuity.

The Sound of Big Ben The bell of Big Ben chimes every hour, marking time with its deep, melodious sound. It’s so famous that its chimes are broadcasted on radio and TV. Imagine hearing its “bongs” echo across the city, a timeless reminder of the passing hours.

Precision in Timekeeping Keeping Big Ben accurate is a fascinating science. The clockmakers sometimes adjust the clock’s pendulum with old coins to change its speed. Adding or removing a single coin can make the clock go faster or slower, ensuring it keeps perfect time.

A Symbol of London Big Ben is not just a clock; it’s an icon of London. Standing beside the Houses of Parliament and near the River Thames, it’s a must-see for visitors from all over the world. The tower represents the enduring spirit of London and its people.

Be Part of the Story Now that you’ve explored the story of Big Ben, why not join in its journey? Download a coloring page of this famous clock tower and bring it to life with your own colors. Imagine you’re in London, hearing Big Ben’s bell ring, a timeless sound in a modern world.

Big Ben: The Great Clock of London

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