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Sheep can be found in many different places around the world. They live in a variety of habitats, from mountains to farms. Let’s explore the different places sheep call home and how these environments can inspire your sheep colouring.

Farms and Pastures

Many sheep live on farms where they have plenty of grassy fields to graze on. These pastures provide the perfect environment for sheep to roam and eat. The green fields and blue skies make a beautiful scene for your sheep colouring.

Mountains and Hills

Some sheep, like the Rocky Mountain Bighorn, live in mountainous areas. These sheep are excellent climbers and can navigate steep, rocky terrain. The stunning landscapes of mountains and hills can be a great backdrop for your sheep drawings.


Certain breeds of sheep, such as the Shetland sheep, live on islands. These islands provide a unique environment with a mix of rugged coastline and green fields. The island scenery, with its mix of sea and land, can make your sheep colouring pages truly unique.


In some parts of the world, sheep have adapted to live in desert regions. They can survive in harsh conditions with little water. The desert landscape, with its sandy dunes and sparse vegetation, can offer a different but exciting setting for your sheep colouring.

Highlands and Plains

In places like Scotland, sheep often live in highlands and plains. These areas are known for their rolling hills and wide-open spaces. The scenery of highlands and plains can be very inspiring for creating detailed and beautiful sheep colouring pages.

Sheep live in many different environments, each with its unique beauty. Knowing where sheep live can help you create more realistic and varied sheep colouring pages. Get inspired by these diverse habitats and start your sheep colouring adventure today by downloading a sheep colouring page!

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Where Sheep Live: Ideas for Sheep Colouring

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