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In the heart of a colorful town, there lived a jovial minion named Dave who loved nothing more than painting. Dave had watched many artists in the new Minions movie and was inspired to create his own artwork.

One sunny morning, Dave set up his easel in the town square, where the birds chirped and the soft breeze danced through the leaves. With his little yellow hands, he carefully selected the perfect brushes and began to paint.

He started with a bright blue for the sky, just like the one above him, then added a golden sun with rays that reached out to warm the entire canvas. Next, he dabbed his brush into the green and drew a wavy line for the grassy hill, dotting it with colorful flowers. He stood back and looked at his creation with pride, his goggles glinting in the sunlight.

As Dave painted, a crowd of townsfolk gathered around, each one smiling and watching as the minion’s painting came to life. Children from the neighborhood peeked over, their eyes wide with wonder, as Dave added a final touch—a rainbow that arched gracefully over his sunlit hill.

“You’re a true artist, Dave!” exclaimed one of the children, as others nodded in agreement. Dave blushed a bright shade of yellow, feeling as sunny inside as the scene he’d painted.

As the day drew to an end, Dave’s painting was complete. It was a masterpiece that captured the joy of the new minions movie and the beauty of a perfect day.

Now, it’s your turn to join Dave and the other minions from the new movie in this artistic adventure. With your own coloring page, you can paint the sky, the sun, and the rolling hills just like Dave, or let your imagination roam free and create a new scene all your own. Download your coloring activity and see where your creativity takes you!

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New Minions Movie Coloring Activity: A Masterpiece in the Making

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