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The Colorful Mystery of Autumn Trees prepare for the colder months during autumn. They start to take back some of the green pigment, chlorophyll, which helps them make their food from sunlight. As the green fades, other colors, which have been in the leaves all along, get their chance to shine. This is why leaves turn such beautiful colors before they tumble to the ground.

Autumn’s Cool Friend Do you feel the crisp air in autumn? It’s because the Earth is tilting away from the sun, making our days cooler. Animals feel this change too. Some start to gather food for the winter, while others get ready to sleep until spring!

A Symphony of Leaves When you walk through the forest in autumn, it’s like crunching on nature’s carpet. Each leaf makes a sound under your feet. Try it next time! Listen to the rustling leaves; it’s like they are talking to each other, sharing secrets of the forest.

Autumn’s Gift to the Earth Those fallen leaves are not just fun to play in; they are also very important for the forest. They cover the ground like a blanket, keeping it warm and helping many tiny creatures stay cozy during winter.

Remember, every autumn leaf is unique, just like you. And now, let’s bring the story of autumn to life with your own colors. Download the autumn coloring page and add your magical touch to the forest tale!

Amid the soft pitter-patter of rain, three kittens uncover the bright, playful secrets of autumn.
Ever wondered where birds go during autumn? Join the journey of these feathered travelers!
Step into the crisp air of autumn where pumpkins abound and every leaf whispers the story of harvest time.
As colorful leaves fall, two children with a bright umbrella laugh in the rain. Splashes, smiles, and autumn wonders await!
Dive into the autumn season as we explore the lively dance of falling leaves and the helpers of the park.

Autumn, a season of vibrant leaves and cool breezes.

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